Infrastructure of Sex & Guilt

An exploration into the opportunities for intervention (2011)

We began a critique of the sex and guilt infrastructure found in New York City. Our challenge was to determine possible points of leverage within this system and develop an intervention.

We proposed three scales of intervention to integrate sex-positive culture and challenge social norms. The intention was to create interventions that reinforce the elements of human sexuality, as a means to improve sex lives, practice safe and healthy sex, and facilitate our evolution as sexual beings.

At the smallest scale, we proposed ‘Sex Carts;’ the common coffee and fruit vendors found in NYC neighborhoods can transform in the evening to sell roses, chocolates, and even furry handcuffs. At the largest scale, we proposed ‘Not-So-Secret Gardens’ in the city that can provide an oasis for couples looking for a romantic retreat. In addition, ‘Community Sex Centres’ can encourage a sex-positive attitude through events, exhibits, and sex education programs.

Societal norms, religion, morality, and a wide range of human socio-psychological factors have deepened the intertwining relationship between sex and guilt. This project was an attempt to understand, intervene, and transform this stigma laden subject.

Collaborator: Minuette Li